Published by Virender Rawat8 June at 22:23


There is big talk about development of tourism in the state of Uttrakhand by all the elected representatives but effectively on ground it is all zero. I am talking about a simple case of issue of NOC by the Uttrakhand forest department to Archeological Survey of India, Dehradun to carry out preliminary excavation at Kanvashram (Chawkighata) for which permission has already been granted by the ASI, Head Office, New Delhi. Despite meeting Forest Minister, Uttrakhand personally long with the office bearers of Kanvashram Vikas Samiti and also talking to various officials of Forest Department clearance has not been given by them as yet, after a lapse of three months. No trees will be cut not even heavy bushes. Only four pits will be dug 2×2 mts in the location where some relics or artifacts have been found in Kanvashram to carry out a preliminary study to ascertain the need for future excavation. What more can one expect from the defunct Uttrakhand state administration and elected representatives. Time is running short as monsoon rain will commence in July and the work will be delayed. The sanction for completion of the project is 30 Sep 2018. We can only hope and pray.

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