Damage to area around Kanvashram due to cloud burst in the Malini valley on 3/4 Aug night. The only accessible passage to the Bharat Samarak monument has been washed away. The damage all around is immense.

मालिनी घाटी में बादल फटने से क्षेत्र में अत्याधिक तबाही हुई है। भरत स्मारक परिसर का सम्पर्क रास्ता भी टूट गया है।

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2 thoughts on “Damage to Kanvashram region due cloud burst”

  1. My native place is kothala.I am visiting kanvasharm with my frns n my cousin since childhood bt I didn’t saw vast difference regarding development of that particular region… I saw durgapuri, nimbuchaur, n kotdwar developing fastly bt kanvasharm as a heritage remains in backwards…

    1. Kanvashram Vikas samiti has been making all efforts in the past and is still doing so to highlight the place but strangely the people representative remain unconcerned.

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